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Adventure Around Every Corner
30 Sep 2013 13:46

  Dear Natalie,   I just woke up from a lovely nap. The flight is great and in two hours I'll be landing in Israel. I can't wait to see you and Jerusalem again. I hope we can go out for a great dinner tonight. You pick.   Will David join us? Will we go shopping tomorrow?   I hope we go and find your mystery woman also.  I always thought you had a bit of Nancy D [ ... ]

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Fantasy Life. We All Have One. Is it Healthy?
08 Apr 2013 19:06

On I am interviewed on the ways we use our fantasies. I've talked about the importance of a fantasy life for most women in the free webinar I offer you on this site. Often fantasy is very relaxing and enriching. But at times it can be a problem. For example, focusing on the past and exaggerating old memories, whether making them much better or much worse than the events actually w [ ... ]

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Women, Fantasy and Reality Webinar

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, psychologist, happiness coach, researcher, and of course, author presents a Webinar: Women, Fantasy and Reality.

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As women we have many needs. Some needs are met through personal and intimate relationships. Other needs are met through friendship. Other needs through work and professional lives. Still other needs are met through raising or caring for families. And still other needs are met through fantasy. The webinar will discuss these various needs, healthy and at times unhealthy aspects. For example, it is perfectly normal to have fantasy thoughts that we never expect to live out,yet help us get through some very dull or trying times. On the other hand, having expectations for our loved ones that are so unrealistic that they can never meet these expectations, is an unhealthy use of our imaginations.
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