Every Adventure Has a Back Story:

One day when David was busy late at the college and Natalie was bored waiting for him to come home for dinner, she found herself looking up old boyfriends on Facebook. She had a slightly creepy feeling in the pit of her stomach that she tried to ignore. After all, everyone was looking up people from their pasts. What could be wrong about staying in touch? Didn't all the research suggest how important social connections were?

First she looked up her high school sweetheart. Wow, he had aged so much. She decided not to 'friend' him. After all, he dropped her for Samantha four weeks before the Senior prom. What a jerk. Natalie had ended up taking her first cousin Harold who was a total gentleman. He charmed all her friends and no one was that surprised when he came out of the closet 4 years later. Her mind was drifting.

Soon an hour had passed. David called to say he was on his way home. Quick, just enough time to look up one more guy from the past. Jack. After all she was involved with him for years. No guy but David knew her better. Why not say hello? Butterfly feeling in stomach-go away!

Natalie found him on Facebook as she heard the garage door open. So easy. She invited Jack to be her 'friend' just as David walked toward the den. Her heart was racing. Why? She couldn't worry about that now.

David leaned over her and kissed her on the top of her head. "What have you been doing? Playing solitaire on the computer?"

Natalie felt her stomach tighten and her face flush. She was far from playing solitaire. Already she knew she was playing with fire.

A Note from Barbara:

One of the major issues that people face in long term relationships is the struggle with our memories or other relationships. In the present every pimple shows up in the daylight. When we look at our past, we seem to see through the magic of seven veils. At least when we daydream about past adventures we seem able to immerse ourselves in remembering what we want to remember. Delightful memories of feeling good with a boyfriend years ago are harmless and in fact can make us in a good mood and bolster our self-esteem. However, reaching out to be in touch with someone years later after the romance is over can be a risky situation. That is because they have moved on and we have also.

Natalie is about to play with the fire as she tries to merge the present with the past. For more information on Jack and what their relationship in the past was all about, watch the video as well as read this secret excerpt from Next Year in Jersualem!

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