Dear Maggie,

Alley Bookstore in Jerusalem - Next Year in JerusalemI forgot to tell you that after I met this mysterious woman that we are going to go see together, I went shopping. Normally I don't go into strange little bookstores. You know me, the boutiques are what catches my eye, or the art galleries. It was late out and dark. I was just wandering as David wasn't coming back to the hotel until 9:00 that night. I had some falafel at a small restaurant. There was something about this small bookstore on a side street that beckoned me. I felt almost pushed to walk in. There was a pleasant older woman running the shop and she left me alone. The place smelled of old books and mold. I liked the smell. It reminded me of my great grandmother's book case in her living room. It had glass doors but when you opened the case it smelled sooo old. I didn't mind. After all, she was old, but she loved me and inside the case were fairytale books from when she was a kid. They were amazing with gorgeous illustrations. I would lick lime lollipops, lie on the floor and read the fairytales. I still feel bad she died when I was 8. I wish I could have known her a few more years.



I was drawn to a book with a silver cover. At least it looks like silver. I asked the woman about it. She told me it is a prayer book. I never saw a prayer book with a silver cover! Well, I guess you figured out the rest. I couldn't help it. I bought the book. You know I hardly ever pray and I don't read Hebrew. But I couldn't resist. Here's the picture of it.

Prayer Book - Next Year in Jerusalem

Maybe there is a secret in the book tied into the mystery woman! And yes, there is a piece of paper in the book. It is in Hebrew. So we will have to wait to know what is on it. I bet it is instructions for us on how to proceed!

My new name is Nancy Drew!

Love, Me

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